MYP to DP Transition

The teachers of AIS, Pre-DP and DP have reached a common approach plan that will allow students to fully function in a demanding DP environment.
In Arendal, AIS and Arendal High School, under a local education variance, have reached an agreement that students graduating from AIS MYP program (MYP 5) could enter the DP in the high school without additional delay. In the past, middle years students had to enter a pre-IB course taught at the high school and then apply for acceptance to the DP. Under the new variance, students can still attend the pre-IB course if they want, but they can also apply for acceptance to the DP without the attendance of this course.
The MYP to DP immediate acceptance has worked in favor of the DP as the program's main "selling" point. In a culture where the balance between school, work, social life and hobbies is against school as the primary goal, students would have chosen the 3-year Norwegian High School route to avoid the demanding DP environment requirements. With the two year instead of three year high school alternative the field evens for the DP and students weight their choices.
Although the first DP results were of good quality and encouraging, the intake numbers dictated new teachers hired and more advanced subjects such as DP Language A1 taught HL. AIS students were well prepared for demanding literature courses and with a vast knowledge of multidisciplinary issues, but still needed to incorporate into their thinking the pure analytical and application approach required by the DP examinations. Pre-IB students had additional problems as they had a limited exposure to literature in a program taught mostly in Norwegian.
After the meeting and the agreement of the common approach plan, the pre-IB students would be taught literature using books that will allow them to formulate themes and approaches required in the DP. The AIS students will be taught the application of multiple literature pieces to DP-style questions using literature books not taught in the DP program, but in preparation for that. Finally, both pre-IB and AIS will supply to the DP teachers a complete "picture" of individual student's ability to cope in literature and the recommended level (A1, A2, B) strictly reserving A1 for native speakers and high ability students with a long exposure to the language.

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