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How do I get there?
Tormod Gjestlandsvei 52
3936 Porsgrunn
(+47) 35 92 71 00

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Other Contacts
Alex and Ruth are driving from Arendal, so if you need help on the way his phone number is 91001505.

Meeting Agenda
09.00: Meet at International School of Telemark

First Session: All Language A teachers together
• Welcome (Paul Fear: Principal IST)
• Introductions
• Agree on the Aims of the day
• Alex to run though the wiki (
• The purpose of Language A
Reflect on the first two lines of the IB MYP Language A Subject Guide:
“The individual’s whole experience is built upon the plan of his language. “
Henri Delacroix
“The duty of literature is to note what counts, and to light up what is suited to the light.”
Anatole France

Second Session: Split into Language A English & Language A Norwegian
Sharing Resources
• Compare how the different schools have organised their MYP courses – the vertical progression of the subject.
• Look at some successful units and unit planners, what makes a ‘good’ unit?
• Significant Concepts, Unit Questions and the Areas of Interaction
• Examples of assessment tasks that have gone well


Third Session: Remain in Language Specific Groups
Conduct standardisation of samples of work brought by participants.
Applying the assessment criteria to a sample of pieces of work brought (from the first to final year of the MYP, and of a variety of standards).

Fourth Session: All language A teachers together
• Reflection on the day, were the aims met?
• Agree on how the group or subgroups move forwards

14.30: Close

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